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Suspension Leaf Springs Manufacturer

ELO Automotive manufactures Suspension Leaf Springs since 1965.

Established in .

Over tonnes annual production capacity.

OEM and Aftermarket providers.

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification.

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Our Products


Conventional Leaf Springs

Also known as multi-leaf springs, conventional leaf springs are manufactured from a specific spring steel grade and profile. Their use is seen mainly on medium to heavy vehicles, agricultural and industrial machinery and also still on LCVs. Their main advantage is the possibility of being easily repaired, key disadvantages are their weight and volume, and also the existence of unwanted interleaf friction.

Parabolic Leaf Springs

An evolution of conventional leaf springs, parabolics are designed with constant stress in mind. The parabolic profile of each leaf guarantees that only the essential quantity of steel is used, leading to significantly lighter springs when compared to conventionals. They are also manufactured from a specific spring steel and profile, appropriate for the taper rolling operation they are submitted to. Main advantages are their lightness and virtually nonexistence of interleaf friction by design, key disadvantage can be a slightly more difficult repair, especially in remote locations.

Trailing Arms

Developed for air suspension, mostly seen in trailers, buses and trucks, but also more and more on different machinery, trailing arms are typically a hybrid between a parabolic spring and a structure for holding the axle and air bellow in position. Manufactured also from a specific spring steel grade and profile, with much higher thicknesses than their counterparts, design normally aims for high spring rates and lateral rigidity.



More than 95% of our production is destinated to international markets, with Germany, France, Italy and Spain as our primary export countries. Germany represents over two-thirds of our total production.

We supply the industry's premier OEM axle manufacturers, and partner with leading European aftermarket parts suppliers for trucks, trailers and light commercial vehicles.

Our Strengths

Team and Practices

Our Team

We count on a team of highly skilled professionals, fully committed to our project.

Best Practices

We follow the best practices with an ultimate goal: to deliver our products on time and with the highest Quality standards.

Flexibility and Versatility

Our renowned proficiency, allied to the capacity of manufacturing small and medium batches, many times reinventing and improving our Customer’s products, place us in the leading position of projects where Flexibility and Versatility are of utmost importance.


We work every day to conquer and renew the recognition of our Customers, in partnership with our Suppliers and in respect of our Community.


Uncompromising Quality

Raw Materials

ELO Automotive partners with top-tier European steel suppliers to ensure exceptional final product quality.

raw materials


All our processes are complemented with stringent quality control.

Heat Treatments

High-strength and fine-grained steels undergo proprietary heat treatments, guaranteeing optimal performance of springs throughout their service life.

Certifications & Awards




Start of the Company, part of the Batista Russo Group (MAN importer at the time). Beginning of production in the Seixal plant.


Company acquisition by the GALUCHO group. Supply of MAN, Berliet Tramagal, Ford, General Motors, and more vehicle assembly lines.


Production capacity increase. Leadership of the repair market in Portugal and in the Portuguese presence countries in Africa.


Launch of the new plant at Casal do Marco. First steps in exporting, focusing on the German market.


Increment of technical and technological skills. Investments in computer aided design systems (CAD). Growing penetration in export markets.


ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification. Trailing arm production start. Consolidation as exporters.


Automation of production systems and processes.


Progression to Industry 4.0 digital transformation. Conceptualization of energy transition.




FIA European Truck Racing Championship

Jochen Hahn

Vice-Champion 2023

Francisco Dias

2023 Portuguese Bajas Championship

Francisco Dias

To be the best, you need to work with the best partners. With the help and dedication of ELO Automotive, we were able to take a giant leap in the development of our car and to win our category in the first race we did together, Baja Portalegre, and we keep moving forward this season. Huge thanks to all the ELO team!

Africa Race Winner

Elisabete Jacinto

Off-Road Racing Truck Driver

I am grateful to ELO Automotive for having contributed to making me the first Portuguese driver to achieve a victory in a world class off-road rally, and the only woman in the world to reach such an achievement. Thanks!


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